Plan Your Voyage

Every Pittsburgh Pirate Ship voyage includes time on the water with some of the best views of the city. On The Jolly Roger, you’re the commander of your own destiny. From chips and beer to champagne and charcuterie, you can bring your own food and drink, pick your own music playlist, and even choose the route. See our FAQs for more info.


Looking for more? Whether it’s just for fun or for a special occasion, you can upgrade your adventures with add-ons like live performers on board or birthday party celebrations. Read more about customizing your voyage with packages below.




Book your trip online here.

Commodore Evan will call the number listed on your reservation before your trip to make sure he has all the details down. Alternatively, you can call him at 412-944-0357 any day from 10am-10pm for complimentary concierge service.


We’ll meet you on the shoreline here - right down the stairs from the Mr. Rogers statue on the Northside. Street parking is usually available and there are several parking garages nearby. Keep an eye out for a black and gold pirate boat along the shore!


One of our crew members will call the phone number on your confirmation and greet you. After a short safety briefing, we’ll set sail! At the end of your adventure, we’ll drop you off as close as we can to where we started, or you can request an alternate drop-off point.



Our standard voyage starts at $35 per person. To further customize your voyage with a performer or party package, simply choose a voyage of any length on your preferred day and time using our booking app and then select your desired add-on. After you book your voyage, we’ll call the number on your reservation to discuss everything - from which performer you’d like to hire, to your crew's pizza preferences. For complimentary concierge service in planning your voyage, call Commodore Evan any day from 10am-10pm at 412-944-0357.



Liven up your adventure on the three rivers with your choice of a live pirate or mermaid performer on board! Whether you’re looking to entertain young ones during your journey or you’re an adult crew who wants to be fully immersed and talk to a pirate for an hour or two, we’ve got your entertainment covered.

Standard fare+ $15 for a 1-hour voyage or + $30 for a 2-hour voyage

*Standard fares start at $35 per person



Celebrating a special day or special someone? We can provide the whole package so you can enjoy the party instead of planning it! Includes one medium pizza, pirate-themed cupcakes from a local bakery, party favors, and your choice of a live pirate or mermaid performer on board. For adults, kids, or adults with kids.

Standard fare* + $40 for a 1-hour or 2-hour voyage

*Standard fares start at $35 per person



Don’t quite see what you need? Design your own customized voyage aboard The Jolly Roger! From a family picnic to on-the-river tailgating for a Pittsburgh Pirates game, your best day in the ‘burgh is limited only by your own imagination. Just call us at 412-944-0357 or fill out our contact form to tell us how we can build your best day (or night!) ever.